Daily Exchange

#`Daily Exchange` - Food up your life

Same opening times as #The Villa apply

Just a step away from  `The Villa`, your new destination for all fine foods and co. specialized in organic products.

Enjoy the rustic and warm set up along with a fine selection artisan grafted food and what goes with it.

Select from cured meats, cheeses, finest Oils and vinegars as well handcrafted chocolates from New Zealand and around the world. A large selection of #organic products will be ready for you to take home. Our range keeps growing as we are always on the hunt for the best items from NZ and around the world and sure we store as well a selection of german sausages and cured meats.

We will be on the hunt for you to find new and exciting food trends, we give you advice on how to use it best to create something stunning for yourself or for you upcoming party. We will comfortable be able to sit up to 20 people seated or 30 people standup. Enjoy a range of plated meals as well cocktail events or buffets.

As well we will be open for Your next event, birthday or get together, enjoy the flair and let the team do the rest. Please talk to us with your requirements and let our experience be your advantage to food up your life and make your party a success.

If you produce something extraordinary, let us know by sending us a mail with a brief description of your food product and or stop by with an sample to see if it fits within . We are always on the hunt for new products for our customers.